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Gambling laws in Sweden

The laws involving gambling in Sweden are strictly regulated by law. This means that experienced gamblers who are used to gambling at international casinos and betting are most likely to not get impressed by what you see at the few real casinos or the online casinos. If you want to know a bit more about why the gambling life in Sweden are the way it is here are a good start.

Gambling at casinos is a growing business around the world, and more and more people are joining all the time. And the online casinos are working hard on making the experience give the gamblers as much of the experience as a real casino can give you. This means livestreaming real life croupiers at live casino and being able to communicate with other players.

History of gambling in Sweden

In Sweden, all gambling was under state monopoly until 2019, before that two companies that was own by the state ran all gambling. So gambling was legal but could only be done at ATG and Svenska Spel. These two companies are still owned by the state and are still strong in the market, but new and more modern companies are working hard at taking market shares.

Regulations for gambling

For the companies that are working hard and doing a god job at taking part of the gambling market have a lot of regulations to handle. Marketing must be done in a moderate way or fines might be handed out. Once someone has signed up to a casino the company behind the casino can only offer the player one very small bonus that is equally to 100 SEK in any way. And means that the player can´t get any bonus at any other casino that is run by that company.

Support for gamblers

In an attempt to minimize the negative effect that gambling can have on lives of those that have a problem with gambling, there are strict rules that means that before one can deposit money on the casino one must decide;

  • How much money one wants to gamble for max each day, week and month
  • How much time one wants to spend gambling each day, week and month

To raise this amount of money or time you have to submit your wish and then wait 24h before the new amount is available. But if you wish to lower it, it will apply straight away.

This is a way to help the players to stay within the budget that was set before starting gambling as a support to not get into dept because of gambling.

Blocking yourself from gambling

If the gambling is no longer just for fun, it might even begin to be an issue with money there are a function where one can suspend yourself from all possibilities of gambling for a set amount of time or in infinity. This is done at a website that all casinos must display a direct link to at all times.

Is all this regulation working?

There is a debate if all these rules work or if it only means that more gamblers visit casinos without a Swedish license. There are surveys that are suggesting that this is the case, but it is difficult to know if the rules are help more or pushing more gamblers to an unregulated market and therefor more aggressive methods to make them keep gambling.

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