Should you come to Scandinavia?

This is a really hard question to answer since everyone is different. We could answer it but that answer would not fit everyone. Therefore, we decided to dedicate an article to exactly this topic. After reading this, you will definitely know whether or not moving here is for you or not. 

Do you enjoy darkness?

Let’s just face it. Half of the year will be dark. Like really dark. If you enjoy the sun, you’re in trouble. Our winters are dark, especially when we don’t get any snow which happens from time to time. Despite all this, we Scandinavians survive so you can to. You just have to get used to it that’s all.

Also, we can’t forget about spring. When winter finally gets replaced by spring and the sun reappears… There is nothing more beautiful than that. Everyone leaves their houses and comes out to enjoy the weather and to finally see the sun again. So, sure, the winters are long and dark but spring and summer do make up for it. Still, if you need sun to survive, perhaps Scandinavia in the winter isn’t for you. 

Do you need alcohol?

It’s not that you can’t get alcohol here. It’s just that it’s very hard compared to many other countries. If you want anything like wine or beer, you have to go to “Systembolaget” or its counterpart in the other countries. They have a monopoly on all alcohol and that’s the only place you can buy it. Oh, and they close down every Sunday. So, sure you can get your liquor but it won’t be as easy as many other places. Is that a good or a bad thing? That is up for you to decide. 

Can you only swim in warm water?

Then you are out of luck unless you move to Iceland and swim in the hot springs. Although our summers can get fairly warm the water stays cold. Especially the water in the ocean. If you enjoy swimming, you have to become a Viking and deal with the cold.

On a good day, the water temperature might rise to 20 degrees Celsius and that’s a good day. To see something like that in the ocean is very rare. 18 degrees is a lot more common in an ordinary summer. Of course, a big part of the Scandinavian culture is ice bathing. We find a lake with ice on it. Then we drill a hole and jump in. Nothing clear your mind like a nice bath in an ice-cold lake. Some people want to sit in the sauna first but a real Viking don’t need that sort of thing.

Of course, this is not a deal breaker to most people but it is at least worth mentioning if you are considering moving here.

Do you know how to stand in line?

In Scandinavia, we are very fond of our ques. We know who is in front of us and who is behind us and believe me, you do not pass a que. No one will say anything but you will know you did something wrong. If you can’t stand in line you have to options. Learn real fast or don’t come here. Also, you have to learn to identify the line. If you arrive at a place with something that might be a line, assume it’s a line and put yourself in the last place. 

Hopefully you now know whether or not Scandinavia is for you or not. If you feel unsure, just come and visit! I can promise you that we don’t bite.