Best Airlines to fly from Denmark to Africa

With the great aviation industry currently, it is very possible to take breakfast in Copenhagen, Denmark, eat lunch in Doha, Qatar and take your best African dish in Nairobi. So many destinations in the world today have been connected with short flight times and even brief layovers at affordable airfare. Today, many airlines have increased the size of their fleet, designed more favourable loyalty programs and made tickets more affordable only so that people may fly around the world. 

One quote attributed to Prophet Muhamad is “Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have travelled.” This quote remains real today when markets have been literally integrated and people travel to destinations with much ease. Every year, so many people travel from Denmark to Africa on vacation or on visits to their loved ones. There can be no better way to experience travel in the skies than knowing which airlines will serve you right. 

We here take the daunting task and trouble to mention some of the best airlines worth your booking on a journey to Africa from Denmark. Our job is simple; mention the airlines but the rest of experience is for every individual traveler to offer feedback. 

Traveling from Denmark to Africa

There are many reasons why people from all corners of the world travel to Denmark. From tourism, studies, diplomacy, and work to accompanying close family members, the reasons for visiting the second happiest nation in the world cannot be exhausted in a single list.  Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city, has for many years been synonymous with international conferences, especially that themed-on environment conservation. 

While in one of the cleanest counties in the world that is Denmark, one would want to know about the best airlines. A person traveling from Denmark to any African country would even request a list of the specific airlines landing in Africa from Denmark. So, what should we consider when choosing an airline to fly with?

Important things to Consider when Choosing an Airline to fly with from Denmark to Africa

Various aspects of air travel need to be factored in when choosing an airline to travel by from Denmark. Comfort and affordability need to be balanced. Another factor to consider would be the purpose of the trip. When traveling for business reasons, you may want a high level of privacy that would give you room for reading or finding some pending work. Traveling for the sake of pure fun and on holidays is another reason that requires different considerations. The factors have been highlighted as follows:

  1. Cost of the flight ticket

The majority of air travelers and flyers are cost-sensitive. This has the most cost as the main factor that many people planning to board planes going to African countries consider. Whether in business class or economy travel, one would still opt for a less expensive airline, other factors held constant.

  1. Ease of check-ins and customer service efficiency
  2. The flexibility of travel dates
  3. Loyalty programs of the airline
  4. Size of route networks
  5. Connection/layover period
  6. Luxuries on board your flight

Air travel should be less of a journey and more of an experience. 

Having listed the factors, let us now have a look at the best airlines. 

Fly Emirates from Denmark to Africa

Emirates boasts cabin features such as first class, business class, premium economy, and economy class. Their fleets include Boeing 777, Emirates A388, and Emirates Executive. The Dubai-based airline boasts of personnel on the ground and a perfect getaway on board. They ensure you are comfortable at airport lounges. Their gourmet meals are inspired by the destination. The Airline prides itself on having up to 5,000 channels of entertainment. Whether you are traveling for business or holiday purposes, flying with Emirates will make your experience extraordinary.

Air France flies to Africa

Air France is undoubtedly one of the best sorts of airlines in the world. When planning to travel to any African country, you would want to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the trip to reduce jet lag duration. Air France is known for gourmet cuisine. You will enjoy the best of French cuisine while onboard an Air France Flight. Each cabin features innovative menus featuring leading French chefs, Champagne, and an original selection of wines.

Air France boasts of owning a wide global network with hundreds of destinations worldwide. This means direct flights to several African countries from Denmark.

While flying with Air France, you will enjoy the comfort of each cabin. La Premiere allows customers to experience luxury and comfort with personalized service from the beginning till the end of their journey. Each passenger receives a tailored experience, including La Premiere lounge access, a full dining experience, and a private suite that reclines into a full lay-down bed.

Qatar Airways

Qatar has a wide global network and operates direct flights to several African countries from Copenhagen to Denmark. The airline was voted the World’s Best Airline in 2019, 2017, 2015, 2012, and 2011 and the winner of a host of awards for on-board services and passenger experience. Qatar Airways puts your comfort and safety above everything else. The airline’s modern aircraft are designed to provide you with extra legroom and greater comfort.

The great experience starts immediately you are welcomed on board by the friendly, professional crew to the moment you arrive in your African destination. The unmatched level of service and facilities will offer you an exceptional experience in the sky. You will relax in reclining seats that have that all-important extra legroom, and choose your favourite dishes from a menu of delicious cuisine made from the finest ingredients. With thousands of in-flight entertainment options and a host of other services, they make sure your passenger experience is one that you will remember for all the right reasons.

Turkish Airline

For a fun lover, Turkish airline is the must-choose carrier. From the experience reviews to the information on their website, the airline boasts of rich music collections. Nobody wants to get bored mid air so such music will lift you spirits to the sky. You can also catch some unforgettable cinema classics and memorable experiences at their airline lounges.

You are not discriminated against in the great flight experience when you are an avid reader. Airborne, you can catch up on world news and read about your favourite interests on Press reader. All you have to do is download the Press Reader app. They have enough legroom for all and their customer service is of high standards. 

Alongside the mentioned airlines, there are notable others that one can fly when visiting Africa. The airlines include SAS, KLM, Swiss Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and Etihad.

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