Finnair, the Majestic link between Finland and South East Asia

Recently I visited Finland and all can confirm its is a serene country with forest cover everywhere. Not to mention the great public transport there. By recounting this real experience, the intention isn’t to propagate a personal experience of Finland. Instead, this piece just tries to bring forth the true picture of Finland which so many can bear forth. Over and above the many things one can talk about Finland is its national flag flier, Finnair Airlines

Although set back by the reduced travels caused by Covid-19 pandemic, Finnair proudly flies to 16 domestic and 83 international destinations. The airline boasts flying to 37 countries giving passengers on board a panoramic view of the skylines and attractions. For sure, it is worth writing a thing or two about Finnair, its affordable ticket and majestic cabin crew, pilots whose shrill yet soothing voices keep flights enjoyable. 

Finnair in a Nutshell

Finland has striking beauty coupled with clean air. Perhaps, that proves that Finns rightfully deserve the medal of being the happiest country in the world. The country of a thousand lakes could be your next travel destination when you have never been there. On the other hand, there we can also explore South East Asian countries. Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, and Indonesia are countries made of a variety of cultures and breathtaking geographical features. And just for your information, Indonesia is the largest country in the world, judging by geographical size. Indonesia has so many islands that even experts have never settled on the exact number.

There are thousands of people who fly between Finland and the South East Asian countries. Whether for business reasons, connecting with friends and family members, or holiday tours, these people want an airline that would afford them comfort and luxuries at the minimum costs. The majority of them admit that Finnair is the majestic link between Helsinki and Jakarta, the largest capital cities on both ends. Many would want to know why Finnair is having an advantage over other airlines.

Finnair; the Finish Flag Carrier

To set a clear pace, Finnair is an airline from the land of Sauna and Santa Claus, Finland. It is one of the oldest airlines in the world founded in 1923. Finnair has an excellent safety record and it is a respected player in the Nordic aviation market. The airline used to be full-inclusive. However, with the general changes in the European aviation industry, nowadays, the cheapest tickets include only the most necessary services and you have to pay separately for extras.

Finnair Route Network

Finnair is a quality airline that flies the shortcut between Asia and Europe and offers faster northern routes to a comprehensive network of travel destinations. This includes 17 major cities in Asia and over 70 destinations in Europe, including eight in Scandinavia. With its hub at Helsinki Airport, Finnair also has numerous domestic destinations.

Fleet of Finnair

Finnair is known for its modern long-haul fleet. The majority of its routes are flown with Airbus A330 or Airbus A350 aircraft. For short-haul destinations, the carrier uses the Airbus A320 family. The airline has outsourced its shortest routes to its partner, Norra. Maybe to cut management costs and focus on its major destinations. Norra is a small Finnish airline that operates only for Finnair by using Finnair’s aircraft. The small airline’s routes are flown with Embraer or ATR-72 turboprop painted with Finnair livery. 

In-Flight Entertainment System in Finnair

In both A330 and A350 aircraft, both Economy and Business seats have a personal entertainment system. Ensuring that passengers are entertained while relaxing in their lounge seats is a vital part of what the airline does. The in-flight entertainment system is designed with an eighteen-inch display ensuring that passengers on board are fully immersed in the latest movies and TV shows which are on offer. 

What else? The darker tones of the intuitive user interface are more relaxing and easier on the eye, friendly and ideal for everyone searching for something to watch during the night. According to our Finnair A350 experience stories from loyal clients, the screens are bright and moderately big, and it is easy to be watched even on a bright day. With a USB-C and PC, in addition to a flexible table setup, those who want to work or read are also catered for. 

Outstanding Menu for passengers on board Finnair

On long-haul routes, Finnair serves meals and drinks for all passengers. Passengers in the Business and Premium Economy classes will get better food choices and more drinks are available. Economy passengers get only one glass of wine, beer, or non-alcoholic drinks. Water and blueberry juice is always free onboard Finnair.

In business class, rather than a traditional three-course menu, Finnair Kitchen has a concept that gives passengers greater choice over what they eat while in the sky. The service is more relaxed, with six courses and more plates to choose from, with the main meal served after take-off and a lighter option available just ahead of arrival. Nordic and Asian influences were key in designing the menu, so you can expect the very best ingredients and dishes ranging from smoked salmon, pea puree, and mussel sauce to vegan laksa, a nod to our South East Asian destinations.

High-Quality Customer Service Standard

While planning to fly with Finnair, you have to expect a friendly and awesome crew. They are very courteous and professional in their work. From the time you check in and during and after the flight, you will be made to feel at home.

Comfortable Seats on board Finnair

Generally, there is enough legroom for all passengers and crew on board the business class. Finnair basically has a new Air Lounge seat spectacular of Nordic furniture. These comfortable seats have been designed in collaboration with Collins Aerospace. The result is like nothing else in the air – a scooped, fix shell seat that doesn’t recline. These seats offer several ways to sit. Whether cross-legged while reading, upright when working, or kicking back with your feet up you will like your flight experience. And you can, of course, lie flat and get some sleep as we fly you to your destination.