Famous Norwegians

Famous Norwegians are a special group of people who in one way or the other have done something outstanding. Through their action, Norway got fortunes or earned a reputation. Through their sheer work, they have elevated the country’s stature in the community of nations.

As political scientists would argue, they are these people brought a name to Norway through arduous work, trailblazing initiatives or unmatched innovations.

Just like most countries where heroes  may easily end up not getting their flowers when still alive, some of these famous Norwegians may have not been feted. But being feted or not, the famous Norwegians still stand tall for their respective contributions.

Things that can make Someone Famous in Norway

Norway is a small country tucked in the Northern Europe popularly known for its chilly climate, picturesque landscape and blue eyed population.

Apart from the environment and culture of Norway, there are various men and women who in their small or big ways elevated the stature of Norway. In their professions or jobs in Norway, these people earned their prestige status in the country’s history.

In Norway, every great contribution that someone makes in their fields is recognised. A person only needs to showcase the unique ability to get the broader public attention. So, the famous people in the country include great politicians, researchers, sportspeople, economists, art and music, playwrights, models, Vikings, technologists and many more.

Therefore, the bottom-line is that famous Norwegians include people who earned their fame by doing something extraordinary. Without being biased, its worthwhile to mention just but a few of the many famous Norwegians.

Needless to mention, by and large, Norway may well be one of the countries of hidden heroes. The famous Norwegians not only earned their reputation at home but also through their contributions to the global space.

Some of the Famous Norwegians

Here just a tip of the iceberg list of people whose names quickly tell people about Norway. These are people whose name bot to the limelight famous due to their exceptional works. essentially, these people’s names are distinct fore being more than just Norwegian but also their exceptional works in their respective fields.

Of course, being famous does not necessarily mean that the individuals did not have their low moments of pitfalls of sorts. But from any critical point of view, they have a place in the country’s memory; past and present.

Petter Solberg

Solberg is a man of no mean achievements in Norway and elsewhere. Petter Solberg’s safari rally skills could well be second to none in Norway during his twilight years. Also, he was a rally cross driver who always left watchers fascinated and awed at his display of great manoeuvring skills on unlikely terrains.

Interestingly, Solberg did not start his career big. It all began as a sheer liking for and nudging interest in racing on gaming machines using remote controls. Over time, he followed in tow the family racing skills, working his way up to become  a great solo rally driver.

It was not long after Solberg threw his heart into rally racing that his skills started to get both national and global recognition. At the onset of 1998, Solberg’s rally profession climaxed with an entry into the professional competitions. In recognition of his quintessential rally skills, he got signed by the Ford factory team in 1999  shortly after his 1998 debut in the World Rally Championship  .

Typical of Solberg in Action

Although today Solberg may not be the best driver, Solberg still continues to race professionally. He has since won many feats in world championships and other events.

Fridtjof Nansen

Nansen goes out in history as a trailblazer ice skater. Yes, you see those ice capped mountains and valleys, fjords of Norway, it takes the daredevils like Nansen to explore. The adrenaline rush that comes with the exploration is not for the faint hearted and Nansen just proved to be in this special category.

From 1861 up until 1930, Fridtjof Nansen proved to the world that the ice caps can be traversed like any ordinary land, save for the fact that it needed daredevils. As an expert skier and ice-skater, Nansen led the first team to cross Greenland in 1888.

As if leading the crossing Greenland was not enough, Nansen went ahead to design the Fram polar vessel. In the course of his life, the man proceeded to become a diplomate and humanitarian, great feat indeed.

Henrik Ibsen

Henrik Ibsen…ooh!, how do we even begin to describe the contributions of this great man that pushed him to fame? Okay, let’s just say that Ibsen was a great playwright and poet whose works still remain highly regarded to date.

Although Henrik Ibsen did his work from 1828-1906, he still ranks highly among the most influential and distinguished European playwrights. In fact, he is also among the leading performed dramatists globally, only second to Shakespeare.

So what works exactly exalted Ibsen to international fame? They are so many, some probably tucked in your shelves now but you don’t know it.

Ibsen’s work include among others, An Enemy of the People, Emperor and Galilean, A Doll’s House, Hedda Gabler, and When We Dead Awaken. The works of Ibsen continue to shape the creative writing spheres to date. So, Ibsen is still very much alive amongst us though his timeless works.

Bring an artist, Ibsen was obviously involved in the business of stretching readers imagination, poking societies and startling status quo. As a result of his works, Ibsen sometimes locked horns with conservative idealists.

Some of Ibsen’s were chided as offensive to traditional morals of European theatre. Nonetheless, he remained unperturbed and continued to respond to the noble artistic call of lifting the veils of contemporary society.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær

Ole Gunnar the footballer and coach. He is mostly known as Ole in the football world and his name is probably a household name among lovers of the game. From 1973 until now, Ole Gunnar has been present on our screens in different matches, clubs and capacities.

Ole started his football career in Norway at club Clausnengen and Molde FK.De to his spectacular on field action, Gunnar was signed by Manchester United in 1996. He ended up playing in and getting titles from Premier League, Champions League, and FA Cups. 

Today, when you switch on your super sport and its Manchester on the pitch, then Ole Gunnar is there too. He is currently the manager of Manchester United.

Edvard Grieg

Edvard Grieg probably brings to sense the notion that whatever one does, should do with great passion and dedication. His works beget the matin Luther King quiote that;

“If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”

Edvard was a great pianist who entertained the world from 1843 to 1907.In his home city of Bergen, Edvard Grieg was  more than just a household name but an acclaimed figure among the young and old. His works continue to preserve his memory to date.

Ane Brun

Brun the singer and songwriter is what you may call her. Probably you have enjoyed her music without knowing the person behind the strong vocals that keep one entertained even if unable to pick the words. Hailing from Molde, Ane Brun has brought happiness and entertainment to us at the comfort of the house.

She has had a great influence and impact on the Scandinavian music; not to mention her international music accolades. Right from 2003, Brun has eight albums to her name wand boasts of music tour across all continents.

Brun has not only gotten positive reviews on her music but also gotten nominations and won nominations. For example, she has won the Norwegian Spellemanpris . Although currently living in Stockholm, Brun continues to write and create music under her own music label.

Lessons from the Famous Norwegians

As is evident, all the Norwegians mentioned are just among the few famous ones. Although they come from different niches and professions, they in one way or the other did a thing or two which attracted recognition.

So the bottom-line is the path to becoming famous is a possibility for all. Whatever someone does, he or she should always do it with candour and passion. There is always someone out there watching. The pitfalls along the way may just be for self-correction and focus. Like Nike company puts it, “Just Do It”.

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