Mobile Subscription in Norway

Arriving in Norway is always a thrill to any newcomer. However, one immediately realises the need to have a means of accessing internet information and communicating home or with friends. At this point, having a working mobile subscription becomes a top priority.

Just like the other countries in Scandinavia, Norway’s mobile subscription market is very competitive. The companies operating in the country always try to develop unique products that attract more customers to their side. Due to this, as a new customer, you just have to take your time and choose a suitable company and subscription plan for your telecommunication services in Norway.

Mobile Operators in Norway

Telenor, Telia and Ice are the major operators in the Norwegian telecommunication industry. However, there are other new entrants into the market that try to gain substantial share through a combination of low pricing, efficiency and flexibility of subscription plans.

Each of the operators use different tactics to excite customers. This means that at any one time, you can always check which offers and packages best suit you at what costs then settle for it. Just like any utility services providers, mobile phone subscriptions are always not permanent contracts which means one can easily change from one provider to the other. But, it is advisable to make the correct choice in the first instance because once you start using services of one provider, you will be slow to change.

Other operators under the major ones include OneCall and TalkMore. Having only a small share of the market, these companies try as much as possible to entice the new customers, especially first time subscribers with competitive prices and conditions. For instance, they offer free international calls and SMS. As if that is not enough, they have non-binding agreements which allows customers to cancel their subscriptions at will

Recently, Lyca Mobile entered the Norwegian market with a specific focus on the customers who make international calls. Their international calls are lowly priced and also offer post-paid as well as pay-as-you-go plans.

Two Mobile Plan Types in Norway

Depending on how long you intend to live in Norway, it is important to carefully choose which mobile plan is perfect for you. A suitable plan should typically combine cost and convenience. The two mobile plans in Norway are Kontantkort (pay-as-you-go) and Abonnement (contract).

Pay as you go is highly preferable for someone who is on a short term visa in Norway. With a short stay in Norway, you may not have the documents required to enter into a contact with a mobile subscription company.

Even so, contracts come with monthly bills which can only be viable for an individual on a long term residence. The contracts are the most effective for an individual who has a confirmed long residence.

Pay-as-you-go options in Norway

In Norway, Pay as you go is largely used by people who are only living in the country for a long time. It provides a quick way of connecting with family, friends and the virtual community.

Since PAYG is intended to offer highest level of convenience, getting the sim cards is easy. You can simply buy any Norwegian sim card, insert in your hone and use provided that your phone works in Norway. Sometimes you may need to unlock your phone for it to start working in Norway.

Normally, you can register the PAYG sim card yourself after buying it or the vendor who sells it will do it. With the registration, the sim card becomes active. Once the sim card is active, you can simply top up by buying credit from any of the outlets. Some of the outlets that sell top up cards include supermarkets, petrol stations, news agents and online. Buying the credit online is the cheapest of all the options.

Telenor and Netcom are the biggest companies in Norway which offer the PAYG plan. The new prepaid Sim cards are sold at electronic retailers, or a phone kiosk. Just ask for akontantkort account and they will sort you out.

Post-paid (contract) subscriptions in Norway

Having a mobile phone contract with a mobile phone service company of choice in Norway gives one the time to enjoy services and pay at the end of the month. It also allows enjoyment of a wide range of products which come with such a contract. However, you must first have a Norwegian identification number which is required to get a mobile subscription.

A mobile services contract in Norway is called abonnement plan. The plan comes as an agreement between you as the subscriber and the mobile network provider on uninterrupted access to a package for a monthly fee. The monthly fee varies from one provider to the next but typically includes internet, domestic calls, SMSs and sometimes international calls.

Most providers have flexible plans which can always be changed to suit your specific needs at any one time. For instance, you can increase the call time and reduce SMS quota.

Requirements to get a Mobile Subscription Plan

Ordinarily, the mobile service provider will just require you to give your personal registration number for Norway when entering into contract. The number must be valid and verifiable. Without the registration number, it is impossible to sign any mobile contract with service provider in Norway

In some cases, additional requirements may be required to access certain mobile service packages. For instance, a provider may ask you to document three years of work in Norway to take an abonnement plan