Best Food Delivery Services for you in Denmark

Arriving in Denmark, you will likely spot people riding mopeds, scooters, bicycles and sometimes small cars with some brand emblem of visibly delicious foods. Across small and big cities in Denmark, the culture of bot cooking at home is fast becoming normal. People are just too busy that they will not spare any more time to cook. Again, family sizes in Denmark are not so big to necessitate cooking especially when someone is already tired from a long day of work.

Lets face it. Danes and even immigrants in Denmark fancy making orders for takeaway foods from major restaurants in the cities. In a normal day, Danes will order something from a pizzeria downtown and choose a delivery service which often are on standby. All that one needs to do is choose a delivery option and a hot pizza, shushi, friend chicken, burger or whichever food of choice.

Food delivery services in Denmark is a common thing in Denmark and mostly employs teenagers or the working class who may want extra money. You will so many times see people carrying insulated food delivery backpack on the move. On Fridays, weekends and evenings, people who do not want to sit and eat in restaurants or hotels prefer making orders which are delivered at the comfort of their homes.

Getting started with food delivery services in Denmark

Do you need a Danish meal urgently? Worry no more, you can make a request from the top food delivery applications in Denmark including Just Eat, Wolt, Hungry, Roomservice, Too Good to Go, Hello Fresh and Horago. They are the quickest methods of getting food delivered at the comfort of your home.

The benefits of ordering the food that you need from the restaurant of your choice. Also, it is just one click away. You can make an order using your phone at the comfort of your bed or seat. Lastly, the method is comfortable, easy, and fast.

“Just Eat” food delivery in Denmark

You can download the Just Eat Denmark application from Google Play or App Store. The benefits of ordering through this application is that you get access to over 2, 000 partner restaurants. Through that you can choose the type of food you need from any of the restaurants.

Moreover, you can order from any device, anywhere, and at any time. Besides, the company has good payment methods including Paypal, Cash, Credit Card, and others. So, you do not have to worry. The delivery is also so prompt as you do not have to wait for a long time.

When you order through the application, you get some points. Also, when making future orders you can get some loyalty points. Therefore, you should order from it because of its excellent service to its esteemed consumers.

“Wolt” food deliveries

Ordering from Wolt makes life easy for any Danish resident. Wolt services are in most of the cities in Denmark. Besides, the service makes is so easy for any person to discover the things that they need. Through it, the food will be delivered affordably, reliably and quickly.

You can choose any type of food that you need. From pizza, sushi, burger to others.  The company also has a great customer service that is always ready to help when you need assistance with any of your orders. The application also makes it easy for an individual to discover the things that they need.

Wolt makes it easy for you to make an order in case you do not need to cook. Also, in case you are busy, it is a good way of getting food delivered. Also, you do not have to wait in line from your lovely restaurant.

“Hungry” food delivery in Denmark

Hungry is an online take away in Denmark. The headquarters are in Aarhus. It was founded in November 2012. To order from the portal or mobile application, you first need to search locally. Through that, you will see the selection in your area. The company collaborates will the best Danish restaurants.

The second step when making an order at Hungry is choosing the food that you want. It does not matter, whether pasta, pizza, burger, sushi, or even thai. Choose whatever you are in the mood of eating on that particular day.

The third step is making the payments. The company has various payment methods including Visa, Credit Card, Mastercard, and Dankort. The other payment methods are Apple Pay and Google Pay. Some of the popular restaurants that the company partners with are Burger King, Burger Shack, Mc Delivery, and Subway. 

Apart from the above-mentioned food delivery services, Room service is another good place where you can order food from as a Danish resident. It gives one the opportunity of choosing from varied restaurants. The first process of ordering from the portal is putting your address.

After that, you choose the food type you want from your restaurant choice. It is a good way of making it easy and fast way of ordering delicious food. The disadvantage of this application is that it mainly operates in Aarhus and Copenhagen only.  It is a con as the other food delivery applications operate in most part of Denmark.

Too Good to Go

Too Good to Go is a Danish mobile application connecting the consumers to stores and restaurants having unsold food. According to the company, there is no need of wasting food in Denmark when some people need it. Food should not go at a waste when some people are sleeping hungry.

The application is the most direct way of getting surplus food. You just need to download it, sign up then save a lot of money on food. You can do so from the local stores. The company has about 3970 hotels, bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes involved. In short the app enables you to get food at an affordable price while you are also saving the planet. The application is available in Google Play and App store.

Hello Fresh

As compared to the other applications, Hello Fresh is so unique. The unique thing about it is that they prepare ingredients which are needed for a meal then deliver to the consumer. The customer then cooks the food using the recipe cards.

Moreover, the company gives one the chance of choosing what needs to be in the meal box weekly. In a case where a consumer needs to skip a delivery then they need to make changes in the order. Also, you can cancel the subscription. Lastly, it offers fresh ingredients from trusted suppliers.


To conclude, after reviewing the different food delivery options in Denmark, I believe Just Eat is the best. it offers quality services to the consumers. Also, the customer service is always available in case there is an issue.

Just Eat is available in most parts of Denmark unlike the other applications which are available in just a few cities. Also, it offers various payment methods the customer that one can choose from. Also, the food usually arrives on time. Therefore, you don’t have to keep waiting for food when Just Eat is available.