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Lebara Top-Up in Denmark

By: Awino Fredrick

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Lebara Top-Up in Denmark

When you first arrive in Denmark or even as a resident, it can be so frustrating not having a phone signal. You don’t just want to be trapped in such desperate situations where calling back home is not possible and even chatting with friends a far dream. To save you the hassle, it is important to make a good decision regarding the kind of phone prescription you need. Also, you have to consider the one within your budget as there are different mobile operators in Denmark. This is where Lebara top-up in Denmark comes in.

Lebara is a well-known brand as it operates in various nations across the globe (go to Lebara website). Besides, they offer very affordable rates for international calls. It is a good option if you want to face time with your family and friends back at home.

Coverage of Lebara Top Up in Denmark

The mobile provider offers such nice deals in terms of SIM cards, and it has good coverage. Through a Libera credit, an individual can choose a plan that fits them. The plans include varied international calls and data. One can choose from the following amounts:

  1. 50
  2. 100
  3. 150
  4. 200
  5. 300
  6. 400
  7. 500

The network coverage of Libera is good as it uses Telia and Telenor’s networks. It has a partnership referred to as TT-Netværket. The two networks cover about 99% of the Danish population. On the company’s website, there is also a possibility of checking the network’s coverage of your network.  

Payment of Lebara Top Up in Denmark

As compared to the other payment methods, Libera accepts varied payment forms. They include American Express, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, as well as Dankort. Moreover, you can pay in the store using a card or cash in one of the Lebara retailers in Denmark

Offers of Lebara Top Up in Denmark

One of the popular offers at Libera is 100 GB and 100 hours a month for just 99 DKK. It is a good mobile provider, and that is evident by the reviews in Trustpilot. Over 1000 reviews are a good indication. Apart from the 99 DKK package, there are other cheaper packages. For instance, at 19 DKK, one can get 5 GB and 5 Hours. Moreover, it offers 1 GB roaming in the EU and 1 hr in the EU. It is important to choose one of the subscriptions because otherwise, your credit will be used instead for data.

The network provides the best value for money. The network operates in over 60 nations. These include Thailand, Australia, India, the USA, Vietnam, New Zealand, China, Brazil, and the European Union nations.

The Process of Purchasing a Libera Network

As a new customer or even an existing customer, you get a Libera SIM card for free. The sim card comes with 10 DKK credits. You can also purchase a top-up voucher when they hand you the SIM card. On the other hand, in case you want to purchase the Lebara SIM card from 7-Eleven, gas stations, and the supermarket, you will have to part with 49 DKK. The last way of getting the SIM card is by making an order online; then, it will be delivered to your address for free.

Activation of the Sim Card

Activating the SIM card is as easy as ABCD. After purchasing the SIM card, put it on your phone, then call customer service. Their contacts is +45 50 10 10 10. That is all you need to do then your sim card will be activated.

After the activation of your voucher, you can top up in two ways. One of them is by dialing 50n10 12 34 and then choosing the 2nd option. It is for voucher top-up, then you enter 8 digits, then # and 6 digits followed by another #. The second option is to send a message to 5010. You then write “Topup XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX.” The Xs represent the 8 and 6-digit codes.

The benefits of having a monthly package

  • You do not have to use a lot of credit when browsing
  • There is a free starter pack in the first month
  • Renewing it is not difficult as the process is automatic and hassle-free
  • The monthly package includes hours and data
  • Through the package, you can call Denmark as well as other 60 nations
  • It uses Telia and Telenor networks, meaning it has a wide coverage
  • It includes EU roaming
  • The network provides the option of texting for free in Denmark
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy to bring your number
  • There is unlimited tethering