Highly Marketable Courses in Sweden

Studies is one of the most common ways people use to come to Sweden. Whether postgraduate or undergraduate studies, Swedish top class universities have always assured international students of the best learning facilities and thriving post studies career. An ambitious student from ay part of the world who wishes to get the best training can never go wrong joining universities in Sweden. They surely prepare students for international career and make them several steps ahead of the rest.

Whether coming on a full package scholarship in Sweden or as a self sponsored student, the choice of which program to take matters a lot. This is not to mean that there are certain study programs in Swedish universities that do not meet best standards, no. The point is, choice of study program in Sweden should at very least align with your individual goals post studies. For example, some courses guarantee students a chance to remain in Sweden, move to neighbouring countries in Europe or take up international assignments.

A quick review of Sweden

Sweden is one of the nations in Scandinavia. It is surrounded by different streams, lakes, hills, mountains, and forests. The capital city of Sweden is Stockholm and it is located on the southern coast. It is a good place to visit and learn because as a student, you will be impressed with the serene environment. Before migrating to Sweden as a student, it is important to choose the right courses. These are the courses, which are marketable in the nation. By choosing the highly marketable courses in Sweden, there are high chances that you will get a job in that area after completion.

The Top Courses to Study in Sweden

The marketable courses that you should study in Sweden as an international include game design, medicine, health support as well as civil engineering. These courses will enhance your independent thinking. Besides, studying in Sweden will open areas of research and close ventures between academics and industries.

Health Support

Sweden has quality healthcare. It means that health support is one of the top courses you should study. Moreover, a large part of the population is the aged individuals. This means that the demand for health support as well as the nurses is high.

As a health worker in Sweden, you will get the chance of getting good compensation. There are several career opportunities in both private and public hospitals. As health support, you can also offer home care. Therefore, there are lots of healthcare support opportunities in Sweden.

The following institutions offer the program:

  • Malardalen University
  • University of Gothenburg
  • Umea University
  • Uppsala University
  • Sodertorn University

Medicine, a Marketable Course in Sweden

As mentioned above, a large part of the population in Sweden is the elderly. During that age, doctors’ attention is highly needed. Therefore, when you study medicine, there are high chances of getting employment opportunities fast as compared to other courses. Also, the good thing is that Sweden has some of the top medical schools globally.

Swedish as well as some of the Nordic and EU members students can study medicine for free in the country. The program takes about 5 and a half years for one to complete. After completion, you will get the required skills.

The following are the universities offering the program:

  • Uppsala University
  • Lund University
  • Karolinska Institute

Game Design

Currently, there is an increasing number of individuals interested in gaming. Also, there has been the establishment of global e-sports competitions. Unfortunately, most nations are short of game developers and designers. One of the reasons may be because their nations do not offer education on the same. Therefore, you should come to Sweden to get good education on game design to put up with the growing demand.

Even though Canada, Japan, and United States are leading in games development, Sweden has not been left behind. Some of its popular mobile, as well as video games, include Minecraft and Candy crush. The games are played by millions of individuals across the globe. Thus, this makes game design a good course to study in Sweden.

The program following institution offer the program:

  • Uppsala University

Civil Engineering

The demand for civil engineers as well as architects still remains high. The studies conducted in the past show that many industries have vacancies for such positions. The course takes about three years for a Bachelor’s program and 2 years for a Master’s degree.

The following universities offer the program:

  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm
  • Lund University

The advantages of Studying in Sweden

For most European nations’ students, you will get a free education while studying in Sweden and even Denmark. There will be no making payments for tuition fees. However, this is only applicable to public universities. It means that as a student from an EU nation, you may use your money in covering your living costs. With no tuition fees, one is provided with a chance for independent development and growth.

English is widely spoken and this is advantageous to any international student. You do not have to learn Swedish before going there as a student. However, while there, it is important to learn the language to be able to carry out your daily activities with ease. Also, for some jobs that you may want as a student, Swedish may be a requirement. The fact that most of the Swedes speak English makes it easy to interact with them.

In Sweden, there is a progressive and open mentality. While in Sweden, you will not feel out of place. This is because they embrace people of all kinds regardless of their background. Moreover, the place is very eco-friendly. The nation has played an important role in preserving nature and enhancing the well-being of its residents.

You should study in Sweden because of sustainability, equality, and freedom. In Sweden, these are the main core values. Therefore, there is a reflection of the same in the natural environment, education environment, and work environment. Most Swedes and even companies treat people equally. The three values are even reflected in the courses they offer since there are a good number of courses offered in English.