Travelling Across Scandinavia from Denmark

When you apply for and get a Danish residence permit, it basically gives you the right to freely move across the Schengen area.  Simply put, a residence permit in Denmark for example allows you to cross over to all the 26 European countries. 

Nothing is amazing as the freedom to travel that comes when you get a visa for Denmark. It basically means that you have the chance to freely travel the entire Europe. You will notice that the Schengen countries officially abolished all passports and  other types of border control at their mutual borders. With this, you can travel in and out of any country within the Schengen with so much ease. All you need is to book a flight, train, bus or whatever means of travel, show up on the appointed travel day, board and get travelling. 

In the Summer, caravans of travellers criss- cross the Schengen region to make good of the freedom of cross border movement. You will see Germans entering Denmark, Danes moving to the Balkans, Swedes going down to enjoy the tasty Italian wines and many other goodies each country has to offer. 

Free cross border travel in the Schengen Area

Have you ever been aroused by the interest of travelling to Scandinavia? Renowned home of the Vikings is popular for its sleek design, the fika and hygge lifestyle, and heart-warming natural scenery. For sure Scandinavia is uniquely inspiring. 

If you are aspiring to experience a true adventure laced with a high level of sophistication. Then look no further than set your sight on a tour of the Scandinavian countries. Scandinavia is a Northern European region encompassing the countries of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Very ideal and conducive region for a road trip due to the presence of plenty of rugged mountains and coastline. 

As you travel across Scandinavia, the terrain enables every stop a memorable one as you take in all the breath-taking attractions. Irrespective of your desired duration of stay, you have the power and opportunity to explore through the Scandinavian countries one after the other. Concentrate on a specific region one after the other as you tour through the three countries. 

The best part about touring Scandinavia is the possibility of experiencing endless sight-seeing and doing some hiking and skiing. Not sure where to start from? Look with me through this penned guidance to Scandinavia from Denmark. Nonetheless, there are no restrictions or some set guidelines on how orderly you should go about it. Whichever order you choose it will still give you an amazing experience.  

Consider Your Scandinavian Tour Through the Scandinavian Capitals

The desire to challenge your imaginations as a human is quenched by travelling. You get to understand the meaning of your long-term perceptions and make sense out of the world. If you crave to experience a cosmopolitan glamour of the Scandinavian culture and the stellar historical scenery then look into cruising the capitals. 

In between your plan to go into Denmark, Norway, and Sweden just try and spend most of your time sorting your logistics. The best way forward is through a guided tour of Scandinavia alongside a prearranged plan to cover the must-see attractions. This will give you the chance of soaking into all the local history and your perceptions under the guide of a tour lead. 

Additionally, travelling in this manner would give you an opportunity of meeting like-minded accomplices travelling to the same destination. Besides, what is more important than having a peace of mind while on a tour? This is because your accommodation, meals, transport, and activities are sorted inclusive in your tour expenses. 

1. Start from Copenhagen, Denmark 

Starting your journey from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, on many occasions is easier for most people. Nonetheless, Copenhagen for sure is an amazing place to tour or visit. It is exciting and a great walking town. It holds the busiest and well-connected airport in the Scandinavian Peninsula thus makes Denmark a good starting point. 

Enjoy your mornings at Copenhagen by spending time in the photogenic Nyhavn harbour. In the same way, don’t forget to head over to sight through the fairy-tale heroine of Copenhagen city, The Little Mermaid. Enjoy the experience at the theme park, Tivoli where both adults and children can enjoy. If your planned tour is for longer days, why not take at least three days in Copenhagen for you to experience so much greatness. 

2. Move to Stockholm, Sweden 

Your next stop should head directly to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Take a train towards Stockholm across forests and fields of Sweden. Start at the capital and explore the city centre as you wander along the shopping street. Pass through Drottninggatan and have dinner in Ostermalm district.

Visit Stockholm’s Old Town, Gamla Stan. Here you will definitely find your way through the colourful blocks to the Royal Palace. Later look into the Stockholm Cathedral not forgetting the Noble Museum.

While in Stockholm you get to embrace an extraordinary city which lies in 14 islands. If you are the person who loves the coastal plains and water, then Stockholm is the place to have fun. Can you imagine the opportunity to explore 24,000 islands within Sweden’s capital?

3. Settle for Oslo, Norway 

Nothing meets the kind of relaxation and excitement that you are likely to experience from your tour to Scandinavia. When you now board your ship to sail you off to Oslo, the capital of Norway, you will understand the essence of Scandinavia as a perfect welfare state. Here you get to see most of the top attractions like the Royal Palace and Akershus fortress

Oslo sprawls on both faces of the Oslofjord. The capital is popular for the handling of the Nobel Peace Prize in City Hall. Most of the Norwegian museums are located towards the west of Oslo in Bygdo. There are a variety of museums to explore. The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, Norwegian Maritime Museum, the Viking Ship Museum, and the Kon-Tiki Museum.

These are however not the only attractions to see but it will be more interesting if you board your train into Flam. Though it is not one of the famous city capitals, Flam is a stunning city worth touring. You really don’t want to miss the Flam extension.

The train that would head you straight to Flam station is quite special, fun, and extremely comforting. Through the mountainous regions you get a chance to see the majestic fjords of Norway as you sail along Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. Meet the world’s narrowest fjords. 

Depending on your tour schedule and time, there can still be more time to catch your train to Bergen. Bergen, Norway, is one of the most scenic regions of your tour across Scandinavia. The city comes second in Norway after Oslo.

Bergen has a small town feel and almost every part of the city is a walkable distance. If you must know, Bergen is the European City of Culture as well as the World Heritage City. The coastal town of Bergen, Norway is so wonderful. Enjoy more of this city before finally flying back home.

The Cost of Travelling Through Scandinavia 

Honestly, there is no need to sugar coat anything. Travelling through Scandinavia is expensive with Norway taking on the second most expensive country globally. However, with a well-planned and organised budget, the cost of travelling can be significantly reduced.