Fitness culture in Scandinavia

You have probably wondered why only a few cases of overweight people are reported in Scandinavia compared to the USA for example. Additionally, any keen person interested in dating Scandinavians must have spotted their athletic, physically fit and beauty especially on dating sites. To bring the story closer home, any expatriate living in Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland can confess to having had sights of Scandinavians jogging around the beach, hiking in forests, cycling in groups or thronging fitness centres not to mention swimming. All these are enough testament that when you enter Scandinavia, keeping physically fit is a necessity. 

In Scandinavia, physical fitness seems to have deeply sunk into the culture. You will be amazed by how people in their 50s, 60s or even 70s look so fit. Of course it is possible to see that the muscles are growing frail as age advances but still they will try as much as possible to energise. 

Physical fitness in Scandinavia is not only for lifestyle and health benefits but also a necessity for workplace efficiency. If you ever work  in any Scandinavian country, you will notice that somehow, every workplace is fast paced and efficiency stands out as the underlying goal. Generally, you will better fit into such workplaces when you have some level of freshness and agility. 

Initial perceptions about Fitness in Scandinavia

Without necessarily being racial or provokative, foreigners may have this perception that being whites, Scandvians are a lazy lot that cannot withstand the pressure of working out. This is so far from the truth. You will be surprised to experience the sturdiness, athleticism and love for workout among the Scandinavians. They not only have regular subscriptions to the best fitness facilities but also keep it a routine. 

It becomes surprising to witness Scandinavians jogging in the cold and rainy weather of the spring or cycling under the scorching Summer time solar. Nowonder they are full of energy, wift in action and quick thinkers. They really believe that the body is much about how its trained, Straining the body a little bit and drenching some sweat isn’t a big deal for Snaviavians for its their source of activity. 

Generally, the Nordics believe so much in living a healthy lifestyle. Although it can be contested whether really they live up to this claim since they eat so much processed sugar and wheat products, fitness could be their way of compensating for this miss. 

Fitness lifestyle could be why Scandinavians are happy

Scandinavian countries have been ranked as the happiest, thanks to their working social systems. But aside from that, the people really know how to live an athletic and agile lifestyle. You will likely feel guilty as a young person living in Scandinavia but not sparing a few minutes for workout yet the elderly, as old as 60s jog across the cities of major cities like their life depends on it. Most of the people from the Scandinavian countries are doing the recommended minimum amount of exercise. It is at most two and a half hours weekly.

So, what sort of routines and practices really makes Scandinavians very fit physically and mentally calm? Some believe that it could be their genes while others say they love to remain physically fit. Well, let’s have a glimpse of what really goes on in Scandinavia on the subject of fitness. 

The Scandinavians Love for Outdoor Workouts

Outdoor exercising and training are practically suitable for anybody. However, you must be ready to make reservations due to climatic conditions like extreme cold during winter. If you are allergic to pollen, then it is advisable to make some reservations too. 

Outdoor exercising is majorly loved by the Scandinavians for the mere reason that it avoids lots of complications. One of the greatest benefits of outdoor exercising is its level of simplicity. The beautiful outlook of an outdoor gym is satisfying.

Most people in the Scandinavian peninsula have created an outdoor gym in the driveway or the garden. In Scandinavia, a simple personal gym is essential because you avoid the stress of delicate floors and complicated surfaces. Creativity is key to creating an outdoor gym and you have the essence of exercising while at home.

Similarly, the forests, mountains, and urban nature in Scandinavia allows them to participate in a number of various forms of exercising. Going for a nature walk is the order of the day. To some, this may not seem to source a great impact. Nature walk helps you relieve pressure, stress, and allows you breath air from a completely different environment. Taking a walk frequently burns calories and keeps you physically and mentally fit.

Is Scandinavian Fitness Connected to their Food and Eating Habit?

They say diet stands at the centre of your health and fitness. I agree because this is absolutely true. Being glued to a specific diet routine can either improve your health or ruin it completely. The Scandinavians are greatly keen on their diet, what they eat and how they prepare it.

Scandinavians believe that it is not only what you eat matters but how you prepare your meal matters too. The Scandinavian diet is hugely known for its reduction of starchy carbohydrates. The Scandi diet replaces calories from carbs with excess of healthy proteins from local fish and organic vegetables. 

Cooking forms a major aspect in the Scandinavian culture and for this reason, children learn how to cook from a tender age. If you live in Scandinavia, then eating fresh produce and fish will be the order of the day. I believe it is for this reason that Scandinavians are believed to eat healthier than most Americans.

When it comes to the consumption of junk food, Scandinavians consume the least. As we all know, excessive consumption of junk food is not a healthy eating habit. The Scandinavians consume the least portions of junk food and it gives them an easier way to nab this habit. Hence this contributes greatly to their good health and lifestyle.

How About the Scandinavians Obsession with Sauna?

From enjoying a sauna you are likely to experience a number of health benefits like flushing out toxins from your body. In Scandinavia, visiting a sauna is an important aspect of their local fitness culture. Scandinavians visit saunas often and it enables them to induce a better sleep and improve their cardiovascular performance. 

If you sweat, your body is forced to burn calories. Once out of the sauna, a Scandinavian would opt for a cold shower or an ice bath. They say it feels great afterwards. Your pores close and your body gets cured for heat conservation. Most people from Scandinavia visiting sauna have their blood circulation boosted.

Routine Cycling or Walking to Work

Exercise in Scandinavia is a culture and just their way of life. It doesn’t mean that they work out daily. But there way of life and life style is naturally inserted seamlessly into their daily routines. A great portion of the population enjoy a routine cycling or walking to and from work. 

Other than just walking and cycling to work in Scandinavia, regular long walks is a form of relaxation and daily routine. Walking and cycling are activities for all ages and eludes great health benefits. The Scandinavian cities are making such exercises a lot easier from the design. The cities’ design makes biking and walking favourable.

It does not matter what the weather is like. Whether it is snowing, freezing cold or sleet, there is a chance of sighting more Scandinavians cycling towards their destinations. Nonetheless, the lower temperatures are common in most Scandinavian countries during winter. So, the culture of walking and biking routine is not a problem.

Scandinavians Drink Socially and Enjoy Life More

It is true that extremely cold temperatures in long grey and dark days breeds a perfect environment for drinking, depression and ultimate alcoholism. This is not the case in Scandinavia. The folks are healthy and apply the philosophy of lagom to alcohol intake. Scandinavians generally drink the least amount of alcohol.

Less alcohol intake is the best lifestyle to help achieve a perfect physical and mental wellness. What most people are not aware of is the fact that alcohol is very calorific, containing lots of sugar. Besides, excessive consumption of alcohol reduces liver function by building fats around the liver. It also increases glucose levels in the blood. Stay away from alcohol and stay healthy. That is what the Scandinavians are sticking by and remain healthy. 

How About Building their Social Scene Around Exercise?

Most people frequenting health clubs are mostly cited as being solitary and mostly work on their own. This is quite different from the Scandinavian way of approaching socialisation and exercising in health clubs. Most health clubs in Scandinavia are pegged on particular interests as well as activities. 

Like minded people get together, they make friends in the local community. Generally, sports clubs have a large part of social life where people meet, exercise and train together. Scientifically, exercising in groups in good for your health